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Bathrooms are the most important part of our house for they enable us to accomplish almost all of our tasks on a daily basis. For instance, in order for you to go to work, you need to take a shower and dress up.

For some, they begin their day by washing their faces or brushing their teeth. That being said, the bathroom is what people look at when thinking about a home renovation. Not only that, home buyers usually pin their interests on how functional and well designed a bathroom is.

In the past, bathrooms looked more at function and less about style. However, a bathroom should be a person’s personal space for comfort and relaxation. That is why modern bathrooms combine both function and design styles.

The design of a modern bathroom is focused on space and how that space can be maximised. Fixtures and fittings such as showers, sinks, tiles and other decorations are things that you must give importance to when coming up with a layout.

Since a bathroom remodelling is a big investment, the renovation project must be carefully thought of and laid out. It is wise that you entrust your bathroom renovation to expert bathroom fitters. When it comes to that, Cambridge Bathroom Fitters is the name you can trust.

We are the top one-stop shop for all bathroom needs – from designing, material selection, plumbing, plastering, waterproofing to maintaining and repairing. Our services cover both commercial and residential areas in Cambridge, UK and in areas nearby.

Over the years, we have developed a way to make sure our services adhere to our clients’ budget and preferences. We do this through a customised service package that is comprehensive enough to include maintenance and repairs as part of what they pay for.

Homeowners need to put much thought on their bathroom renovation project as several elements require great consideration. Your design style, choice of material, plumbing works and shower system are just some of the aspects that you need to include in the equation.

To say the least, a bathroom renovation project will demand a huge chunk of your time, effort, and money. So, it is wise to trust Cambridge Bathroom Fitters to do the job.

From the day you hire us, we will take the reins in leading and handling the project and we will be there until the project is complete. If you hire a professional bathroom fitter like us, you get to enjoy all of these benefits and more:

  • Free in-home consultation
  • Custom-made bathroom design to fit your requirements and budget
  • Installation, removal and repair of wall and floor tiles
  • Plumbing Works
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Supplies, decorations and other accessories for bathroom
  • Waterproofing Services
  • Carpentry, removal, maintenance and repairs
  • Modern, sleek and functional cabinets and shelves

Customised And Comprehensive Services

We understand that people like you set their budget before beginning a renovation project. This is why Cambridge Bathroom Fitters is here to help you make the most out of your limited finances.

With our expertise and skills, and coupled with your brilliant ideas, we will create a new life out of your old bathroom. Here is a list of our bathroom renovation services at Cambridge Bathroom Fitters:

  • Master bathroom
  • En suite bathrooms
  • Laundry bathrooms
  • Full bathrooms
  • Commercial bathrooms
  • Powder rooms
  • Bespoke bathrooms

Moreover, we have enumerated all the important areas that we can cover for bathroom renovations:

  • Custom-made bathroom design to fit your requirements and budget
  • Installation, removal and repair of wall and floor tiles
  • Plumbing Works
  • Supplies, decorations and other accessories for bathroom
  • Waterproofing Services
  • Carpentry, removal, maintenance and repairs
  • Modern, sleek and functional cabinets and shelves

The Cambridge Bathroom Fitters Process

Our company has adopted a more systematic and more organised approach for our bathroom renovations. Doing this allows us to perform our services in the most efficient manner without compromising time and quality. For a smooth-sailing renovation process, here are the stages that we follow:

  1. In-Home Consultation Stage
  2. Quotation and Acceptance Stage
  3. Design and Product Selection Stage
  4. Building Inspection Stage
  5. Preparation and Demolition Stage
  6. Carpentry Stage
  7. Service Rough-In Stage
  8. Plastering Stage
  9. Waterproofing Stage
  10. Tiling Stage
  11. Joinery Stage
  12. Caulking Stage
  13. Fit-Off Installation Stage
  14. Shower Screen Installation Stage
  15. Cleaning Stage

At Cambridge Bathroom Fitters, we pride ourselves with the amazing bathroom renovations that we have created over the years. Below are some of the services that we offer to complete the look of your bathrooms:

Complete bathroom with exposed timber beams


Bathroom Installation

In our years in this industry, we have mastered the art of bathroom renovation by constantly improving our services and by using quality supplies and advanced tools and equipment. Our track record and list of clients can attest to that.

Also, because our services are comprehensive enough to cover designing, plumbing, tiling, maintenance, repairs, and so much more, we have had old clients who kept coming back for our services, as well as new ones that were referred to us. With Cambridge Bathroom Fitters, our clients don’t have to worry about anything.

Shower with glass screen

Showers and Wet Rooms

 There are several types of shower for your bathroom and each has the feature that you’re looking for. There are the hand-held and wall-mounted types that are common to most homes. Then, there is the body spray type that has a swivel head for hitting multiple parts of your body, and this is also ideal for bathing children and pets.

To ensure that the shower installation is successful, it is better to hire a professional shower installer to properly attach the showerheads and other plumbing work. Cambridge Bathroom Fitters has expert shower installers, so you wouldn’t have to hire separately.

Black tiling with hand use shower head

Tiling And Plastering

Bathroom floor and wall tiles are the best way to change the look of your bathroom. Be it minimalist, modern, classical or elegant, our tiling installation services are the best way to elevate your bathroom to a whole new level. However, tiles may make or break your bathroom design, so choose the best ones that suit your design.

Cambridge Bathroom Fitters provides an array of bathroom tiles such as glass, ceramic, marble, and porcelain. These can be applied to both walls and floors to complete the look of your bathroom.

Back to wall toilet pan

Painting And Decorating

In terms of bathroom painting, Cambridge Bathroom Fitters only use the best paints that can stand up to bathroom conditions. Since bathrooms are generally moist and damp for most of the time, the walls are vulnerable to mould and mildew. Our company knows what paints are most appropriate for bathrooms. Thus, with us, you know that the type of paint we use will prevent mould and fungus from appearing on bathroom walls.

There’s no other company that has unparalleled and quality services like ours. Give our experts at Cambridge Bathroom Fitters a call today, and get a free quote immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the size, design, required fixtures and other accessories, bathroom renovations would take days to months. Small bathroom renovations may take 23 days to complete while big ones could take up to a month.

What most homebuyers look for in the house is the bathroom. So, even little bathroom renovations before selling your home can attract more homebuyers. You must keep in mind that you get to cover the renovation cost by the resale value. In doing so, what you’re aiming for here is to have a return to your investment.

Our company has come up with some tips to avoid unnecessary costs. In planning a renovation project, make sure you focus on minor renovations, maintain your plumbing and electrical features in their places if they don’t require any fixing and avoid throwing away things and reuse bathroom accessories and furniture that are still in perfect or good condition.

The shower system and the tiles are usually the parts that require more renovation costs. This is because the tiling requires a heavy labour and the shower requires complicated plumbing work. So, before jumping on a bathroom renovation, these two aspects must be planned and well thought of.

You need to select the floor tiles that can resist heavy traffic and with tiles that can resist mould, moisture and mildew. Also, you might want to consider slip-resistant tiles to further prevent accidents and injuries. Choices such as cork tiles, glass tiles and plastic laminate tiles are among the choices for bathrooms. Also, knowing the features of each tile before installation is needed to avoid unnecessary costs.