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Bathroom Installation

Complete bathroom with exposed timber beams

In planning on a bathroom installation, it is important that each bathroom has the necessary features to meet every need of all household members every day, especially for houses with multiple bathrooms.

For all your bathroom installation needs, our professionals at Cambridge Bathroom Fitters are glad to help you maximise your budget and available space of your bathroom. Doing so will make your bathroom way more comfortable and convenient for you and your family.

Our expert bathroom installers can also install an additional toilet if you want to. Here are some important points to consider in mind before getting your bathroom remodelled:

  • You must set your budget – before beginning on any project, you must set the limits of your spending capacity. In doing so, you need to consider in the design, size, fittings, and the amount of work needed.
  • You must only hire an expert designer – having a budget means that you need to maximise it. So, it is important that your plan is both beautiful and functional. Doing this will ensure that you are able to get your money’s worth.

When it comes to your bathroom installation needs, Cambridge Bathroom Fitters is the name you can trust. We lead a team of experts who have undergone training and who have experiences to do the necessary plumbing, carpentry, tiling and other installation services to complete the look of your bathroom.

Showers and Wet rooms

Recessed tiled shelving in shower

Choosing a top shower installation company is a wise option. This is most true when you have only limited space in your bathroom. It is also important to consider several aspects and factors of shower installation, such as the type of shower, the shower enclosure, the amount of plumbing work and the like.

Below are some points that you can consider when choosing the right type of shower:

  • How much space does your bathroom have for your shower area or wet room? This will determine what type of shower can suit your space without eating up too much of it.
  • Do you have kids and pets that also need to use the shower? Having kids and pets is also an important factor to consider in determining what shower type is suited for you. For instance, a body spray type of shower is more ideal in such a situation.
  • How much plumbing work is needed before installing your shower system? If there are existing plumbing works that need to be removed, then you must hire an expert for this.
  • Do you plan on installing a heating system with your shower? Some homeowners opt for a heating system to their shower, and this can also determine the ideal shower for your bathroom.

Of course, taking a shower is a basic hygiene thing that people observe every day. So, you must make sure that you install a proper shower system that is convenient and to you and your family. Having a shower is a more practical choice than bathtubs to save you space. Moreover, showers can help you cut on cost and can save you time. A shower system is ideal for people who lead busy lives and who have children.

For a more comfortable experience, there are upgrades that can be done to your shower system. For instance, you can choose a wide showerhead that produces rain-like effects for a soothing shower experience. Cambridge Bathroom Fitters has the best shower installers who can help you achieve that dream shower for your bathroom.

For all your bathroom shower needs, Cambridge Bathroom Fitters is here to help you select the best type of shower to maximise your bathroom experience without sacrificing comfort and beauty. We believe that every homeowner deserves a beautiful bathroom renovation. On our end, we strive to give our clients the quality bathroom supplies and services.

Tiling and plastering

Black tiling with hand use shower head

A damaged tile and cracked grout mean you need to replace them and that water has seeped through. If left unaddressed, this could foster the development of mould and rot, and worse, these could spread to other nearby accessories or fittings like the tiles and beams. 

To remove damaged surfaces, look for a Cambridge bathroom tile installer who can perform a water-tight seal to your tile to protect your walls from moisture and mould.

Below are tips to note before installing bathroom tiles:

  • Use traffic-resistant and water-resistant tiles for a long-lasting bathroom.
  • Use bathroom tiling with beautiful patterns to finish off your bathroom’s look.
  • Pick new tiles can make the whole bathroom look fresh and new.
  • Get a high-quality tiling job to make everything right the first time.

Cambridge Bathroom Fitters proudly offers different bathroom tiles such as ceramic, marble, porcelain glass tiling, and more. With our tile options, your design ideas are limitless.

For all your bathroom tile needs, our expert tile installers are always on-the-go to help you choose the perfect tile. Plus, they also do the tile installation for your bathroom tiles and walls. So, you really don’t have to worry about anything and you get to save on costs from hiring a separate tile installer.

Painting and Decorating

standing bath and glass shower screen

In bathroom renovations, the fittings and fixtures are important, but so is the type and colour of the paint used. The paint is what holds every element of the bathroom together. If improperly applied, the paint could bring down the entire look of your bathroom. On that note, the paint is indeed an important element of a bathroom.

We have listed some points to remember when choosing the right type of paint:

  • Choose paint colours that complement the paint colours in your house.
  • Choose paints that have a high sheen to resist moisture and for an easy-clean.
  • Choose a moisture-resistant paint for your bathroom.

We, at Cambridge Bathroom Fitters, have professional painters who can create beautiful visuals in bathrooms and apply the excellent finish to your walls.

More than that, our professionals are experts at mixing and matching paint colours. When you choose us, our excellent painters can guide you through the selection of paint types, colours and textures. Our goal is to make your bathroom look beautiful with the appropriate paint.

The Painting Process of Cambridge Bathroom Fitters

  • At Cambridge Bathroom Fitters, it usually begins with asking and understanding what our clients really want for their bathroom paint.
  • Once we’ve fully grasped your concept, we will begin our work by protecting all your fittings, bathroom walls and accessories from paint drips.
  • We will then begin preparing the bathroom walls for the painting project. This stage included cleaning the walls, sealing any cracks, and more importantly, priming the walls.
  • Once the prepping phase is done, the bathroom painting can commence.

Your decorations also impact your bathroom’s look. With the limitless options for bathroom decorations, selecting the right bathroom decoration can be daunting, especially when you don’t have any concrete design in mind. Luckily, Cambridge Bathroom Fitters has professional bathroom fitters who can guide you in coming up with a design.

Whether you need help for choosing the right paint colour or the perfect decoration for your bathroom renovation, Cambridge Bathroom Fitters has got you all covered. Feel free to contact our bathroom fitters to get started on your renovation project by calling us or by sending us an email.

The Best Bathroom Renovation Experience

 A bathroom renovation in Cambridge can be thrilling and fulfilling. This is true especially when you are just coming up with your design for your bathroom. In doing this, it is best if you think about what you and your family will ultimately need in a bathroom.Sink with floating shelves

Is a shower system better than a bathtub. Does your bathroom need more storage cabinets? At Cambridge Bathroom Fitter, our expert bathroom installers can help you answer these.

All the things you need to know about bathroom renovation are here at Cambridge Bathroom Fitters. We are to guide you through the process of bathroom renovation. With us, you never have to go through it alone. Get in touch with our expert bathroom fitters today to discuss your renovation project. We are looking forward to helping you plan and build your dream bathroom renovation.